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Part-Time Davila Pharmacy Posted on 9/24/2019

When available, Davila Pharmacy will offer 1 -2 part time positions for a high school student. In order to qualify for this position you must show proof that you are enrolled in High School Pharmacy Technician program. Please indicate which school you are currently attending and your instructors name.

Please indicate why you think you would be a good candidate for position.

The main roll of the pharmacy technician is processing prescriptions. The pharmacy technician will process and fill the prescription and prepare it for the pharmacist verification. The pharmacy technician’s job also includes many other duties such as administrative and bookkeeping tasks, inventory control, stocking shelves, and data entry. Pharmacy technicians are detail oriented. They work well in fast-paced conditions, and they have strong customer service skills.

Responsibilities of the Pharmacy Technicians include:

Accepting Prescriptions

Processing Insurance Claims

Processing Prescriptions