What is Hospice?

The National Hospice Organization offers the following definition of hospice:
“Hospice provides support and care for persons in the last phases of incurable diseases so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible. Hospice recognizes dying as part of the normal process of living and focuses on maintaining the quality of remaining life. Hospice affirms life and neither hastens nor postpones death. Hospice exists in the hope and belief that through appropriate care and the promotion of a caring community sensitive to their needs, patients and their families may be free to attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death that is satisfactory to them.”

Davila Pharmacy’s Role
Hospice Care

  • Dispense medications
  • Urgent Care pharmaceutical delivery
  • Participate on interdisciplinary team
  • Monitor patient drug regimens
  • Provide drug information to patient, families and staff
  • Provide hospital/nursing home recommendations for symptoms management
  • Maintain medication profile
  • Educate hospice staff
  • Educate other healthcare providers and volunteers
  • Act as liaison with prescriber
  • Be available on call 24/7
  • Optimize medication expenditures


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